Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (10-1)

It sure has been a fantastic time looking back at the coolest animals that we have seen at zoos. These animals were all amazing and you are about to see the best of the best. Before we get to the top 10 though, it is time for a recap...

Here is the top 10 that you have been waiting so patiently for...

10. Bonnethead Shark
Bonnethead sharks are like small hammerhead sharks. These sharks are fairly common in aquariums, but I could not find a picture we had of one. Unlike the hammerhead shark though, you will likely be able to see these at an aquarium. Hammerhead sharks are incredibly rare. I am pretty sure I saw a full-grown hammerhead at some aquarium when I was little, but I could certainly be wrong. I didn't include the hammerhead on the countdown because I could not remember seeing one 100%. These bonnetheads are awesome though and similar.

09. Polar Bear
This polar bear was photographed at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Maryland. It is one of two places that we I have seen polar bears. The other location is Sea World Orlando. At each location, this animal is my personal highlight of the visit. They are rare for zoos and they are awesome. Definitely, the coolest bear we have seen at any zoo.

08. Hippo
Disney's Animal Kingdom is the best place by far in the United States to view hippos. They are so close to you at this location, but you are safe by the design of the safari. It is without question the coolest place to view these guys. If the safari isn't for you though, you can view these hippos underwater. This may not be the best picture, but don't be fooled, these hippos are one of the best animals you will ever see.

07. Tiger
If you remember our post on Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia, you will remember this exhibit being the highlight of our trip. The Tigers of Asia show was simply fantastic there. While this was not even close to our favorite animal attraction, we might go back just to see this show. Each tiger is always awesome, but the ones at this show were special. I did not distinguish between types of Tigers for this countdown, but there are a few different varieties. Each tiger we have seen, has been awesome!

06. Jaguar
The Jacksonville Zoo has the best Jaguar exhibit as part of their South American section at the zoo. In that exhibit, they have a completely black jaguar that is pictured above. This is a type of jaguar that I have never seen at another location. Jaguars are always neat, but this one jaguar was really special. I was amazed when I saw this jaguar the first time, and then when I took my son back, we were both amazed.

05. Black Rhino
Disney's Animal Kingdom is a great place to view the Black Rhinoceros. There are a few other places to view them, but they are always awesome to see. The rhino is my favorite animal and they are one of the coolest animals in the animal kingdom. There are three main types of rhinos that we have seen, and they are all in the top 5.
Just look at their awesomeness. They clearly belong at the top of this list.

04. White Rhino
Disney's Animal Kingdom is the best place to view White Rhinoceros. These rhinos are very similar to the Black Rhinoceros. The reason I have ranked them higher is that there are more of them on the safari at Animal Kingdom and they come closer to the jeep. These guys get so close and mingle with some other animals like zebras here. The Black Rhinoceros is really solitary on the safari and all by himself/herself.

03. Indian Rhino
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is the best place to see the Indian Rhinoceros which is my favorite type of rhino. I like this rhino most because they are not really seen anywhere else and they really look like they have armored skin. They are so neat looking. They are also incredibly entertaining to watch. Here you can see the baby climbing on its mother. This baby at Lowry Park Zoo can still be seen, but it is slightly bigger now.

02. Komodo Dragon
Jacksonville Zoo is home to our favorite full grown Komodo Dragon which is pictured above. This lizard was on a feeding time display and we got some awesome photographs of it. To this date, it is the coolest thing I have ever seen at an animal attraction. If you are in the Jacksonville area and can see a komodo dragon feeding, I highly recommend it. The Atlanta Zoo had a baby komodo dragon feeding that was also incredibly awesome. Finally, the Lowry Park Zoo has an awesome baby komodo dragon in an education building in the FL section.

01. Bald Eagle
The clear choice for #1 in any place in America. Bald Eagles are such majestic creatures and the symbol for our country. They symbolize freedom, and excellence. That's what this bird is, pure excellence. Every time you see a bald eagle, it is an awesome sight. No matter where you are these guys are amazing to see. There should be a Bald Eagle at every zoo or aquarium. This Bald Eagle was photographed at the SC Aquarium and it is pure awesomeness. Every Bald Eagle is fantastic though. More eagles everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed this countdown and our zoo adventures so far.
In the next few months, we will have a review for the Reston Zoo in Reston, VA, Sea World Orlando, the Seas at Epcot, and updates for Disney's Animal Kingdom and the Lowry Park Zoo with some other reviews thrown in there.
All of these reviews will be coming your way by the end of 2014, so stay tuned to ZooZooReview.


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