Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (70-61)

Before we continue on with this countdown, let's recap.

And he we go, on with the Top 70.

70. Wildebeest
Wildebeest are really cool animals and there are several places to get really close to them. Eventhough, they killed Mufasa, you are able to see them in most animal safaris. They can be seen at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA, at Disney's Animal Kingdom and at Busch Gardens Tampa like these guys sitting behind the Zebras.

69. Capybara
Jacksonville Zoo has a great deal of South American animals. They have the best selection of animals from South America that I have seen. One of those South American animals that they have is the Capybara. These Capybaras are pretty rare in zoos and I have only seen them in one other place besides Jacksonville. However, they were on display at the Montgomery Zoo that our friend Kinsi did a guest post on.

68. Pigs
You may think this is incredibly high for ordinary pigs, but look at how adorable these pics are from the Reston Zoo. After finding our old pics from this zoo, this will be the next zoo we review. These pigs are a really neat sight to behold.

67. Addax
Disney's Animal Kingdom is by far the best place to see Addax like these. This photo was taken of a group of Addax taking shelter in the rain. It is about a weak old. While the photo is not of the highest quality due to the rain, it still shows how majestic these animals are. I highly recommend heading to the Animal Kingdom to see these animals at the end of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

66. Walrus
SeaWorld Orlando is a great place to see lots of marine life. The review for SeaWorld is coming up soon (I know it has been promised for a while, but it is coming). In that review, you will see that the coolest thing about Sea World is the Sea Lion show. This sea lion show features an awesome Walrus like the one pictured from the same show at Sea World. 

65. Anaconda
Jacksonville Zoo also had this crazy Anaconda in their South American exhibit. It is one of the reasons that we ranked the Jacksonville Zoo as a Top 5 zoo in the United States. I recommend you check out our review of the Jacksonville Zoo here. If you are in the area, check it out.

64. River Otter
This photo is from the Atlanta Zoo which we ranked as the best zoo in the country. This is the best picture I could track down of otters unfortunately though, go figure! However, I do have a video of my son following the otter at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. That Tampa exhibit is the best Otter exhibit I have seen.

63. Albino Squirrel
These pure white squirrels are not your typical squirrel. I never thought I would be impressed with a squirrel until I saw these guys at the Tallahassee Museum. They cannot exist in the wild because they are an easy target for predators, but at the Tallahassee Museum in the protected environment, they flourish. I recommend checking that museum out if you have the chance and are in the area.

62. Reindeer
I do not remember this picture or when/where it was taken. I think it was from a Christmas lights display in Dover, FL because it was a picture from this blog and we went there. These animals can routinely be seen around Christmas time and are very neat to look at.

61. Chimpanzee
Busch Gardens has this particular Chimpanzee which is the best picture I could find of one. Unfortunately, there is a glare off of the screen, but you can still see how neat Chimpanzees are. This was one of the better Chimp exhibits we have seen. However, they are at several of the zoos we have been to. They are not that rare, but rather impressive still.

We are getting close to the Top 50. Hope you have enjoyed the countdown so far and recognize that it is getting better.


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