Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (100-91)

It has been a while since we have posted on this blog because of our little guy, but we are still so excited about zoos. We have been away from this our first blog, but we are looking to get back into it. Looking to post some of our adventures with our little guy. Before we do that and to get back into the swing of things, I wanted to recap the top 100 animals we have seen in a zoo/aquarium/animal park. I've been on this countdown kick lately on our blogs and can't get these countdowns out of my head. Naturally, since I have been counting things down, I thought of zoo animals we have seen. I wanted to come up with the 100 coolest and have developed a list. Enjoy the 100 best zoo animals countdown.

100. Macaw
You can find Macaws at pretty much any zoo we have been to. We happened to snap this Macaw picture at Gatorland Zoo in Orlando, Florida, but you can see Macaws wonderfully at 95% of the zoos we have been to. These guys are at the majority of zoos in the United States. Eventhough they are common, they are still really cool.

99. Snapping Turtle
This particular snapping turtle can be found at the Jacksonville Zoo (one of our favorite zoos), but these guys can be found at most zoos. They also can be found in the wild, but I'd prefer to look at them where they can't bite me. These are quite impressive and interesting creatures.

American Alligators I can see in the wild any day being a Florida resident. These animals were not going to be on the list. However, at Gatorland zoo in Orlando, FL, you can see these guys pictured above. All-white gators which cannot be seen many other places. I am not usually impressed with alligators, but seeing these guys in person was really cool.

97. Grey Wolf
The grey wolf is a beautiful animal to behold and has been seen at multiple zoos across this country. One of the best zoos to see these animals at is Zoo America at Hershey Park. That zoo is free with admission to Hershey Park and has animals from all around the United States. If you are at that theme park go check out these animals.

96. Stingray
This stingray isn't actually one of our pictures, but was a guest post picture from our sister-in-law when she did a post about the Tennessee Aquarium. I included this picture because it is the best one I had of a stingray and they are great creatures to look at. This particular one is better than others we have seen, so I suggest if you want to see this guy, head to the Tennessee Aquarium.

95. Hornbill
I should have gotten a better picture of this hornbill, because it was awesome to look at. This particular hornbill can be found at the Lowry Park Zoo. That zoo, happens to be rated the #1 zoo for kids and I do not disagree. I am so pleased that this zoo is our local zoo and look forward to going back. These guys are fantastic birds to see at the zoo.

94. Ring-Tailed Lemur
Ring-Tailed Lemurs are another fairly common animal for zoos. They are quite neat to look at though and it is fun to see them in person. These are common so if you go to the zoo, there is a good chance you will see them. I haven't seen an exhibit for them that is way better or way worse than other exhibits though.

93. American Crocodile
American Crocodiles are fairly common, but look meaner than the alligator. I always enjoyed crocodiles more (and not just because I am a FSU fan). With their teeth sticking out and their leaner heads they just look cooler and more mean. These are not my favorite type of crocodile, but they are neat. They can be viewed at Disney's Animal Kingdom among other places.

92. Flamingos
Flamingos are some of the neatest birds around. The only problem with flamingos is that they stink. That alone knocks them further down the countdown than they would like to go. However they are neat animals and belong on the list. This picture is from the National Zoo, but I believe the best place to view Flamingos is on the safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

91. Peacock
This particular peacock happens to reside at the Leesburg Animal Farm. Eventhough these animals are common and can be seen in the wild across the Eastern United States, they are still very vibrant and colorful. They are still very neat to look at and still belong on this list. The animals get more exotic as you go, but the peacock fits in at #91.

Stay tuned for 90-81 tomorrow.


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