Best 100 Animals We Have Seen in Zoos (50-41)

So far you have seen some awesome animals that we have gotten to see and zoos and we haven't even cracked the Top 50. Until now that is...Before we discuss our next ten animals though, let's recap.

And now the Top 50....

50. Meerkat
This is from the best Meerkat exhibit around at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. These guys look awesome and have gained some popularity with Timon being a Meerkat and with the Meerkat Manor TV show. However, no matter what anybody ever says, Prairie Dogs are cooler. Since I like the American similar animal better, these are down a little lower, but they are still fun to look at.

49. Mandrill
Mandrills are really amazing creatures and can be found at many zoos. This particular mandrill was photographed at the Jacksonville Zoo. These animals also became more popular after The Lion King movie. Rafiki made these guys one of the most popular monkeys in the world. They are more colorful than most monkeys and one of my favorite animals period. Enjoy seeing these animals in the future.

48. Two-Toed Sloth

This two-toed sloth was photographed at the Reston Zoo and it was by far the best look we have gotten at one. The keeper opened the door so that we could get a better picture. It was really cool to see this guy up close. I recommend checking out this small little zoo to see him.

47. Giant Anteater
The Giant Anteater is certainly an amazing animal to behold. The best place to witness this amazing creature is in the South America section of the Jacksonville Zoo. However, there are other locations that you can see the Giant Anteater. Whatever location you pick, be sure to check these guys out.

46. Hyena
This hyena can be seen at Busch Gardens Tampa. It is one of the only places that you can see hyenas. The National Zoo used to have hyenas, but not anymore. In fact, I have not seen a hyena at any place other than the NAtional Zoo and here. I recommend checking it out next time you are in Tampa.

45. Okapi
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is home to this Okapi. They can be seen at several other locations too, but this one is from Tampa. Another great place to see them is on safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom. You will notice the zebra like pattern on the Okapi's legs, but they are actually related to giraffes and not zebras.

44. Moray Eel

This Moray Eel was photographed at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. These guys can be seen at any place with fish though pretty much. We have seen several of these eels. However, no matter how many times we see these guys, they are awesome every single time. Go to a local aquarium if you have not seen these eels before.

43. Gila Monster
This Gila Monster was photographed at the National Zoo. They have one of the many great gila monster exhibits around. This is one of the coolest lizards we have seen and we love the orange and black as Orioles fans. These creatures are simply amazing.

42. Owl
I am not going to distinguish between types of owls, but this is the coolest one I have ever seen. The red eye effect that the camera gave off made this owl from the National Zoo look possessed.  This thing looks awesome as many owls do. Go check out some owls next time you go to a zoo or aquarium if they have them.

41. Lionfish
This lionfish was photographed by us at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It is one of the best places to see lionfish. Another place to see them is The Seas @ Epcot. These fish can be seen at many different aquariums though, so do not worry if you cannot make it out East. Make sure you find these guys though.


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