Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (90-81)

We just finished the first installment of top animals in zoos. Get ready for part 2. Before we do though he is part one again.

90. Black Bear
This Black Bear was seen at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia. As a native species to the United States though, they are common in zoos. Some of you have probably even seen these guys in the wild. Regardless, they are an awesome animal to check out at the zoo.

89. Golden Lion Tamarian
These monkeys can be seen at most zoos across the United States. This picture was taken at Tamarian capital of the world, the National Zoo in Washington DC. You see after the rat poison fiasco around 2005 that killed several animals, the National Zoo needed more animals to fill in for the ones that perished. So, shortly after they got a bunch of these guys and I would say this is their most heavily populated animal at the zoo. They aren't as cool to me now that I have seen so many, but they are still a neat creature to behold.

88. African Penguin
The picture above is from a feeding session at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. That zoo has the best African Penguin exhibit around. However, these animals are actually pretty common in zoos and you can see them a lot of different places. If you are in Tampa, check out this exact exhibit, otherwise check your local zoo and see if they have these guys.

87. Florida Panther
These Panthers resting here were found at the Jacksonville Zoo. They can be found at many zoos across the state and although they are native to Florida, they are still an awesome sight to behold. They are not quite as impressive as African Lions, but they are neat animals.

86. Clownfish
There are several good places to see Clownfish in the United States. They can also be owned in this country. This particular picture was taken at our least favorite visit, the Sarasota Aquarium. That being said, these creatures looked cool there and they had a few other neat fish. I'm sure you have seen clownfish already, but if you haven't head to your local aquarium to check them out in person.

85. African Bullfrog
Here is one of the craziest and bloated frogs you will ever see. This guy is the African bullfrog to be exact and he was photographed at Busch Gardens Tampa. A frog like this is very neat and one of the cooler animals you will ever see. I suggest checking him and the other awesome animals out at Busch Gardens.

84. Needlefish
Here is another fish found at the Sarasota Aquarium, but this one is much cooler than the clownfish in my opinion. This needlefish is extremely neat and much more rare in aquariums than the clownfish. I have seen clownfish in every aquarium I have gone to, but I have only seen needlefish at one other place. If you happen upon the Sarasota Aquarium I recommend this exhibit, but I am not sure I'd waste my time.

83. Camel
Camels are another fairly common animal in zoos, but they are still one of my favorites. They are odd and bizarre looking creatures, but fascinating at the same time. How they store water is very interesting and they are pretty cool in general.

82. Bison
Bison are another common animal in zoos and can be seen across the United States in farm areas. However, that does not take away from how awesome they are. This is another photo from a guest post, but we have seen plenty of Bison in our adventures. This photo was taken by our friend Kinsi, during her trip to the Montgomery Zoo. We have not been there yet, but might make the trip one day.

81. Ostrich
The Ostrich is the most well known flightless bird around the world. Many know about these awesome creatures and many are fascinated by them. These guys are fairly common in zoos, but they are not everywhere. The best place to see them is on a safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but you are not guaranteed to see them there. This particular ostrich photo was taken from one of my last trips to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. They have a great ostrich exhibit at that zoo.

The animals will get even better in tomorrow's portion of the countdown! We have another large flightless bird and more!


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