Hey everyone and welcome to my world! My husband and I are starting this blog because we love going to Zoos, Aquariums and theme parks. We've been to several recently and wanted to share our opinions and reviews with you.
We came up with the idea while we were in search of a "zoo review" website. We were unable to find one that was great so we decided to start our own. I hope our reviews and stories will help those of you who love to go to such adventurous places or entertain those of you who are just curiously reading.
Now for a little bit about us... My name is Jenna and I'm now married to the man of my dreams, Noland. We got married December 31, 2011 and are now united in marriage! We both graduated from Florida State University, Go Seminoles! I graduated with a Religion degree and Noland with a Masters in Physical Education. Currently, we live in Tampa We both love zoos, aquariums, theme parks, state parks and all things fun. We enjoy seeing new animals that we have never seen before. We also love going to the movies.. who knows, we could start a movie review website one day too.

Personally, I love crafting and I often check out craft blogs while Noland enjoys sports and politics. He is always checking the Baltimore Orioles website since he loves them so much!
I hope you will check out some of our reviews and leave us some love (comments). Or follow us!


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