Top Ten Zoos In the Southeast

It is my birthday today and one of my favorite things on this earth are countdowns and countdown shows. Because of that I decided that I would do a countdown of the top 10 zoos in the southeast. We live in Florida and I grew up in Virginia so the majority of the zoos I have been to are in the southeast. For purposes of this assignment we will call the southeast anything south of Baltimore on the east coast.
Add in Maryland and take out the non coastal states and then this map is where we are going off. MD, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL. We will count theme parks and aquariums as part of this countdown. Unfortunately if we have not been to the zoo it can not be included on the countdown.

10) Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL
Review to come soon. Visit in 2011.
9) National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD
Review here
Main Tank at the National Aquarium
8) National Zoo, Washington DC
Review Here
The biggest draw at the National Zoo, their Giant Panda Exhibit. Well other than the fact that it is free!

7) Sea World, Orlando, FL
Review coming soon. Trying to wait for a return visit to get an updated review before posting.
6) Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, FL
Review Here
Penguin Feeding at Lowry Park Zoo

5) Jacksonville Zoo, Jacksonville, FL
I've been to this zoo many times in the past, but Jenna and I just went together last week. Our review is coming very soon.

4) Maryland Zoo, Baltimore, MD
Review Here.
Arctic Fox @ Maryland Zoo
3) Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL
Review posted 3 days ago. Click on the FL tab for more on Busch Gardens Tampa.
This picture was not in the review. It is a Gorilla napping @ Busch Gardens Tampa.

2) Disney's Animal Kingdom, Kissimmee, FL
Review Here
Tree of Life @ Disney's Animal Kingdom
And the number one animal attraction in the southeast is.....
Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Full Review Here
They had close views of my favorite the Rhino!
They also had a baby komodo dragon feeding when we went.

Zoo Atlanta is very deserving of #1. It was so close between it and Animal Kingdom though.
However, if this was talking about each park and not just the animal portion, I would go with Busch Gardens Tampa. I suggest you check out all of these places if you can!
Let us know if you think we missed anything or if we need to check another zoo out. Also if you have different rankings please share.


  1. lol the zoo in Atlanta has got to be one of the crappiest zoos i ever been to.

  2. lol the zoo in Atlanta has got to be one of the crappiest zoos i ever been to.

  3. Baltimore, MD is not in the southeast! I agree with Darryl the Atlanta Zoo wasn't great.


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