Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (40-31)

This has been one awesome countdown so far, remembering so many amazing animals seen in our Zoo Adventures. Let's recap so far.

Top 40 time...

Now, let's start the top 40....
40. Bottlenose Dolphin
These dolphins were photographed at Sea World Orlando which is one of the best places to view dolphins, but not the best. The best place to see dolphins is during the dolphin show at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. That show is much better than Sea World's as it doesn't focus mainly on people in strange costumes. The Baltimore show focuses on the animals. Unfortunately, when Jenna and I went to the National Aquarium a few years ago, there was no dolphin show that day. The lack of dolphin show was disappointing, but they usually have one and when they do, it is awesome. This photo from Sea World will have to do.

39. Giant Panda
These pandas were photographed at the Atlanta Zoo, which with apologizes to the National Zoo, is the best place to view Giant Pandas. You can get up super close to view the Pandas at the Atlanta Zoo, like we did to see this mother and baby panda. There are few creatures cooler than these guys and they are quite special to look at.

38. Moon Jellyfish
These moon jellyfish are awesome and the coolest of all jellyfish. They can be seen several different places. My favorite place to see Moon Jellyfish is pictured here at the Florida Aquarium. These things are so amazing. They pick up any light that is around them and appear to be that color. If a blue light come on, they look blue, if a green light does, they look green, etc. Watching them swim around and change colors is truly a sight to behold.

37. Pygmy Hippo
This photo of the pygmy hippo was taken by my sister at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. It is by far the best place to view these animals. In fact, it is the only place I can think of to view these guys anymore. I believe that the National Zoo used to have pygmy hippos, but I don't think they have them anymore. If you get a chance to head down to Tampa and see the #1 zoo for kids, check out their pygmy hippo exhibit.

36. Seahorse
The best place to view seahorses is photographed above at the Florida Aquarium. This aquarium has an entire seahorse section with only seahorses. I believe this section is awesome, because I love to look at seahorses. When we get a home aquarium, that is the one fish I definitely want. They are such amazing creatures and I love how they are so loyal to one another. When God created seahorses, he hit the jackpot. These guys are terrific.

35. Koala
There is a fantastic koala exhibit at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. However, this guy is not from here. I had to take another off wikipedia because I couldn't find a good picture. I was slacking on the pictures of koalas here. However, I should not have been because they are cool and are my mom's favorite animal. They are awesome creatures and had to be included on the countdown, but we didn't have pictures!

34. Puffin
These puffins were photographed at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The picture is not of the best quality, but that's because the glass made it difficult to get a good picture. However, these birds are one of the best to look at. They also happen to be my sister's favorite animal of all. You can see why after seeing how cute these things are.

33. Gorilla
This Gorilla was photographed at Busch Gardens which was one of the best 4 places we have been to see gorillas. The other great places to view gorillas are Disney's Animal Kingdom (right outside of the safari exit), The Atlanta Zoo, and The National Zoo. These are very intelligent and amazing creatures. They are so interesting to watch for a few minutes. If you picked an animal to watch all day, these would be one of the most interesting. If you have never seen a gorilla, I recommend checking them out.

32. Warthog

This warthog was found at the Atlanta Zoo. Some people think warthogs are ugly, but I like to call those people haters. These are one of the coolest looking animals in the entire animal kingdom. You usually have a really hard time locating them, even in a great exhibit or on a safari. However, at the Atlanta Zoo you can see these guys very easily. This is certainly the best look we have ever gotten at warthogs. The zoo cleverly built several exhibits and we really recommend going to it.

31. Emperor Penguin
I hate using animal pictures that are not ours, but I have to admit that I got this picture from Wikipedia. Although, we have seen emperor penguins, we have not gotten any good pictures of them that can be shared on this blog. They were off exhibit last time we went to Sea World because they were setting up for their new penguin exhibit. That is one of the best places to view these penguins though.


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