Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (80-71)

Today, the countdown continues, but before it does, lets recap our previous countdowns.

80. Tarantula
This tarantula was found at the National Zoo. I do not remember the type of tarantula it is, but it is the coolest spider I have ever seen. Most tarantulas can be owned as pets, so they can't be too high on the list, but this thing looks too cool to not include.

79. Saltwater Crocodile
This saltwater crocodile at Gatorland Zoo in Orlando, FL stared right at us as we were at the exhibit. It is quite the impressive creature and the largest crocodile in the world. I know you can see them at Gatorland Zoo, but do not recall any other zoos that have them. I am sure there are a few other locations to see them though. These are huge!!!

78. Spoonbill
The spoonbill is a native Florida species and they are seen all over. Eventhough they are so common around where we live, I am still fascinated by them and their spoon bill. This one is from the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, but can see these guys almost anywhere. They have a great spoonbill exhibit here and at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. However, one of the best spoonbill exhibits is at Disney's Animal Kingdom right when you enter the park.

77. Cassowary
This cassowary looks kind of like a dinosaur and is one of the coolest birds you will find. It is also flightless just like the ostrich. Whether it is flightless or not, it is awesome to look at. Cassowaries can be found at a few zoos in the United States, including the National Zoo like this guy.

76. Canebrake Rattlesnake
If I had seen this rattlesnake in the wild, I would be terrified. Luckily for me it was behind glass when I saw it. Because it was behind glass, it was awesome. Look at the colors on this guy. This is one of the coolest snakes that I have ever seen. This snake can be seen at the Jacksonville Zoo. 

75. Bongo
This particular Bongo was found at the Jacksonville Zoo. They have one of the best bongo exhibits around. However, these animals are not that rare in the zoos I have been to. They look awesome and are extremely rare in the wild, but they can be found at many of the zoos we have attended. Another great place to see Bongos are on the safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

74. Lappet Faced Vulture
Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is home to these particular lappet faced vultures. They can also be found at many of the zoos we have written reviews for. One great place to see them is at Disney's Animal Kingdom. They are one of my favorite birds in any zoo we have visited.

73. Colobus Monkeys
These Colobus Monkeys from the Jacksonville Zoo were quite tired, but these guys are usually so active you can barely get a picture. Another animal that is quite impressive to see.

72. Artic Fox
These artic foxes are incredibly rare. In fact, this fox from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is the only one I have seen. They are very interesting animals.

71. Giant Iguana
This iguana from the National Zoo is one of the coolest iguanas we have ever seen. Heck, this thing is one of the best lizards I have ever seen. Look at how impressive this guy is.


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