Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (30-21)

Let's recap again before we begin...

And now the top 30....

30. Ram

These rams were in the petting zoo at the Reston Zoo in Reston, Virginia. You often see sheep in the petting zoo, but not usually rams with these awesome spiral horns. Did it get ranked this high because of the horns? Absolutely it did. Cool looking animals.

29. Prairie Dog

These prairie dogs were seen at the Reston Zoo in Reston, VA. Despite the fact that they are native to this country, I have seen less of these guys that meerkats. Most people would not rank these 21 spots ahead of meerkats, but I do. They are more interesting and I cannot explain why. Maybe because I have seen less of them and they are native to America. We will go with that.

28. Red Panda
Red Pandas can be found many places including the National Zoo like this guy. The Atlanta Zoo is another zoo with a great Red Panda exhibit. These animals are far cooler looking than the Giant Panda in my opinion. However, do not let the Panda name fool you. Look at these animals closer because they are actually a member of the raccoon family. Whatever they are, no doubt that they are terrific creatures.

27. Toucan
Toucans like these have been one of my favorite birds for a long time. They are just so colorful and awesome. I don't think the Toucan from George of the Jungle or Toucan Sam hurt in this fact either. Anyways, this particular Toucan was seen at the National Zoo, which is still my favorite place to view toucans. However, Lowry Park is another great place to see toucans and is much closer to my current home.

26. Sea Turtle
These sea turtles were found at Turtle Trek at Sea World Orlando. Which is a strong turtle exhibit. However, it is not worth waiting an hour for like we did the last time we went to Sea World. Regardless, these animals are awesome animals to look at. They are definitely an animal that you want to check out at some point in your lifetime. Everyone loves sea turtles and they are many people's favorite animals.

25. Sable Antelope
This sable antelope is from the safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom. During that safari, you can get a great view of these magnificent creatures. Actually, the sable antelope is the mascot for the safari and can be seen on every single safari. Despite the lack of quality of the picture, these are high quality animals. Seeing these guys at animal kingdom is worth the trip for my family. It is clearly the best place to view sable antelope.

24. Beluga Whale
Here is another animal I had to include despite not having a picture. This is a Wikipedia picture of the Beluga Whale. There is a great beluga whale exhibit at Sea World, but we always forget to take pictures when we are in the Wild Artic exhibit that houses these creatures. It is a very neat to see the design to that exhibit and these creatures that might be the highlight of Sea World though. They are the second coolest whale that we have seen in a zoo or aquarium.

23. Wallaby
Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is home to these awesome bouncing animals. They are basically smaller kangaroos if you want a good description. There is no place even close to Lowry Park in terms of an experience with the wallaby. You can walk among the wallabies at this zoo and they cross over the path from time to time. This is one of the coolest exhibits I have seen period. This is something you have to go to Lowry Park Zoo for. Don't forget that this zoo is the #1 zoo for kids for a reason.

22. Giant Octopus
This giant octopus was photographed at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida. It is one of the coolest places to view this rare marine life. I vote it as the number one place to view the octopus, because look at that picture. It isn't the only place to view them though, you can see them at many other aquariums. They are really neat to look at and an animal I recommend.

21. Asian Elephant
Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL is one of the places you can view Asian Elephants. Another place with a great Asian Elephant exhibit is the National Zoo. Both have fantastic exhibits. I will say that these are similar to the African Elephant and still awesome. However, these animals are not as cool IMO. The ears are the easiest way to tell them apart. The Asian Elephant has much more rounded off ears. They are also smaller than the African Elephant typically. Finally, the Asian elephants highest point is on its back, giving it kind of the camel back, while the African Elephant has its highest point at the shoulders. These are still cool elephants, but not as great as the African Elephant.


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