Best 100 Animals We Have Seen In Zoos (60-51)

Before we continue with our countdown, let's recap what has happened so far...

Now on with the Top 60.

60. Zebra
This zebra is one of the many awesome zebras we have seen. I don't know where we saw them best. There was already an awesome picture of a zebra with the wildebeest earlier on this countdown. These guys can be seen at almost every zoo we have went to. This includes the small Virginia zoos. They are the most exotic animal found at the Leesburg Animal Farm and can be found like this one at the Reston Zoo.

59. Kori Bustard
The Atlanta Zoo is home to this awesome flightless bird. Just looking at this Kori Bustard you might not know it is flightless, but it is one of the largest flightless birds in the world. I know I have seen it somewhere besides Atlanta, but I do not remember where. However, I have never seen it better than I have in Atlanta which is true for several of the animals on this countdown. It is one of the reasons that the Atlanta Zoo was #1 on our countdown. This is one of the zoos that you need to go to once in your life. Check out our full review here.

58. Sloth Bear
Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is where this sloth bear was found. They also have a great exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington DC. This animal, which is the animal Baloo in the Jungle Book is based from, is one of the coolest looking in all of the animal kingdom. It is my 2nd favorite looking bear that I have seen in a zoo. These guys are amazing and I hope you get to see one if you have not already.

57. Anclote Cattle
Who would have thought this awesome anclote cattle could be found at the Reston Zoo? I would have never guessed it. I also would have never guessed that the small Virginia Zoo would be the best place to see this fantastic animal. While these guys are on the safari at Disney, the Reston Zoo actually lets you touch these guys and their horns. Don't worry, their horns are hollow, but you are allowed to touch them! The review for the Reston Zoo is coming soon and I recommend going for the cattle alone.

56. African Lion
The National Zoo has always had a fantastic African Lion exhibit and they still do today. This is the best picture I have of a lion and it is from that zoo. Other great places to view the kings of the jungle are Disney's Animal Kingdom, Wild Adventures Theme Park, and Busch Gardens. If you can not get to any of those places though, don't worry, many zoos have this magnificent creature around.

55. Nile Crocodile
Disney's Animal Kingdom is easily the best place to see the Nile Crocodile. On the Kilimanjaro Safari you drive on a bridge that goes right over these Nile Crocodile. These particular crocodiles also happen to be the coolest looking, in my opinion, of any crocodile. They are just one of the many reasons to get on out to Animal Kingdom and check out a safari.

54. Red River Hog
Lowry Park Zoo is where you can find these red river hogs. The slightly uglier (depending on who you ask) red version of the warthog is pretty rare and I don't remember seeing it anywhere else. They hide a lot though and you can't always see them. Also people like to smoke near this exhibit a lot so we skip it from time to time. This is by far the best we ever saw this creature.

53. Tiger Shark
The big draw of the Florida Aquarium in Tampa are these Tiger Sharks. Don't be upset if you can not make it out to Tampa though. These sharks are the most common aquarium shark. They can be seen at pretty much any aquarium. Tiger Sharks are one of the meanest looking sharks and they thrive in aquariums which is why they are so common there.

52. Piranha
The National Aquarium in Baltimore is the best place to see piranhas like this one, unless you are actually in South America. This guy is freaky looking like all of the others and I am glad it is behind glass. They are small, but they look really vicious. I recommend checking it out and checking out the aquarium in general. If you want more on this aquarium, our review can be found here.

51. Giant Tortoise
Busch Gardens is one of the many homes for these giant tortoises in captivity. This animal is one of my wife's favorites. Jenna just loves to look at these tortoises. Every time we see one her face lights up. They are quite the extraordinary creatures I will say. This is just one of the many reasons to check out Busch Gardens. I highly recommend it and checking out our review of the place.

The Top 50 starts tomorrow.....


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