What is the Best Zoo in the US?

It depends on who you ask. According to America's Best Online I have been to a couple of the best zoos in the country. Here is a little bit of their list, with my take. Interesting that the Atlanta Zoo wasn't on this list, because we rated it as the top Zoo in the southeast. Also interesting that Lowry Park Zoo was rated the top kid zoo. Hopefully, that is true because we can't wait to take our kid to the zoo. Check out this list below.

1. San Diego Zoo
I have heard many times that the San Diego Zoo is at or near the top of the best zoos list. I really want to go here. Unfortunately, I have not been West of Arizona. Hopefully, I will be able to get you my own review of this zoo. Maybe I can share the review of one of our followers also.

2. Disney's Animal Kingdom
We recently did a review of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Here it is.
3. San Diego Wild Animal Park
I haven't heard as much about this one, but if we make it out to San Diego we will surely go here as well.

4. Maryland Zoo
We recently did a review of the Maryland Zoo as well. Here that is.
5. Bronx Zoo
I have never been to New York. Jenna has, but neither of us has seen this zoo. We hope that changes sometime soon, because we have heard many say that this zoo is the best.

6. Columbus Zoo
Much like the Bronx Zoo, we have heard many people claim that this zoo is the best in the US. We may be able to go to this zoo this summer, but we will see if it happens.

7. San Antonio Zoo
I actually have been to San Antonio with my family, but did not go to this zoo. I did go to Sea World San Antonio and that review is coming soon, but not the zoo. I would love to go back to San Antonio at some point and check out the zoo. It is a very interesting city.

8. Henry Doorly Zoo
This zoo is in Nebraska. I have never heard of it before. I am kind of shocked to see it on the list. Apparently, it is home to the largest indoor rain forest in the world and that is the big appeal. This is probably the zoo in the Top Ten that we are least likely to go to, but you never know.

9. Phoenix Zoo
I have been to the Phoenix Zoo a few times when I was little and my aunt lived in Arizona. I do not remember it too well and certainly not well enough to do a review, but I remember a good time. Wouldn't mind going back.

10. St. Louis Zoo
I am surprised to see this zoo in the Top Ten as well. You don't usually hear too many people talk about the St. Louis Zoo. It is a free zoo which is one plus and is one of the leading research zoos. Looks like we may have to check this one out.



  1. The St. Louis Zoo IS beautiful, and huge. You could definitely spend your whole day meandering its grounds. Not to mention the fact that you can buy yourself a nice big cone of Ben & Jerry's within the zoo's walls.

    Parking does cost a bit, but there is plenty of off-street parking as the zoo is located within a massive park. It's not far from the art museum either- which makes for a REALLY full day of exploring!

    If you're ever out that way, you should most definitely check it out. We love that zoo.

  2. Henry Doorly Zoo is very cool, and is a big tourist draw for Omaha. It probably would rank higher on the list were it not for being unfortunately located in Nebraska where not a lot of people think of going. They are open year round, and have just as many indoor attractions now as outdoor ones and seem to be continuing to expand each year.

  3. Don't discount the Omaha zoo so quickly - I have had people who have been to the San Diego Zoo tell me they enjoyed the Henry Doorly more.

  4. Love the Columbus Zoo. I was completely impressed with the Henry Doorly Zoo. It deserves to be ranked highly. It's desert dome is incredible, as well as the night feature underneath it. I have never seen such an awesome display. I absolutely adored the gorilla habitat. They had an exceptional variety of cats. I could go on and on, if you are a zoo lover, you must visit Omaha for the zoo if nothing else. I'm glad I did!


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