Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, FL

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Lowry Park Zoo
Tampa, FL
Date of Visit: August 22, 2011

Lowry Park Zoo is our home zoo now, and we visited it as one of our first stops in our new home Tampa, back in August. We absolutely loved it! This zoo is rated #1 in the United States by Parents Magazine and there is reason for the hype.

Highlights: This zoo is so close to where we live now. It took us less than 10 minutes to get there. There is a very wide range of animals at this zoo from all over the world. They have penguins, komodo dragons, and rhinos which are some of our favorite zoo animals. They also have plenty of elephants (Jenna's favorite). They have a walk through with wallabies and are supposed to have a koala (we will have to go back soon to see if it is there).

Disappointments: Safari ride smelt really bad and gassy. No koala. Real komodo dragon seemed very sick.

Pictures Taken by Noland (sorry I stink at photos)
Us on the komodo dragon statue. The real one was looking pretty rough so we decided not to include that picture.
Mom and baby Indian Rhino
Bald Eagle
Close Up W/ Giraffe
Giraffes and Zebras
Rhino on the Move

We gave this zoo a 4.5 out of 5 elephants.
It was pretty close to the perfect zoo. However, the absence of the Koala when we went was quite disappointing. It also wasn't quite as good as either the Maryland Zoo (review to come), Atlanta Zoo, or Disney's Animal Kingdom so we knocked it down .5. We could have easily given it a 5 and probably would have if we didn't have so many fives already. Definitely check out the Lowry Park Zoo if you are in the Tampa Area.
-Jenna & Noland

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