Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Visit: July 2, 2011
Highlights: So first off, I LOVE this zoo. We got through it in half a day but you could definitely spend the whole day there! They have an amazing "African" area and "Asian" area! The animals are all awesome! There are some spots where you can't see certain animals, but there are so many viewing decks, you could probably move somewhere and get a view of them! We went to the Snake feeding.. its kind of a casual show where you go from cage to cage watching the crazy zoo keeper feed the snakes.. Um WOW.. This was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The snakes launch at the food and attack it like prey. Its crazy cool. If you go here, you have to check it out! We also got to see the feeding of the baby Komodo Dragon.. Very cool!

Another Elephant!
warthog in the mud.. There were also baby warthogs but I didn't get a great picture.
This one just looked so chill.
here is a different shot of him
giraffe and ostrich
largest flightless bird
Red Panda - member of the Raccoon Family
Gorilla & baby
gorilla & baby
another gorilla
Momma & Baby Panda Bears
kangaroos! I've never seen them until these ones! so cute! 
This was the baby komodo dragon.. 
The picture is foggy but he was moving so fast!
And here we are! 
Disappointments: Honestly, the only one I can say is that the big Komodo Dragon was hiding! Komodo Dragons are our favorite.. but other than that, WE LOVED THIS ZOO! 
We gave it a 5 out of 5!
That's all for now! 
Leave a comment or your opinion if you have been to Atlanta Zoo!
♥ jen

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