The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium
Baltimore, Maryland
This is the entrance to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Its located on the beautiful inner harbor:
It was really a cute area and we went to some stores near by after visiting the aquarium! But as for the aquarium, I'll begin my review!
Date of Visit: July 4, 2011

Highlights: It had different levels which you could catch a glimpse of the lower levels from above which was really cool although most of the time, I feared dropping my camera in the water. They had a lot of unique animals like puffins, which you don't see on the regular. The shark exhibit was really cool! There were so many of them and they were so large. The stingrays were also very large and in the largest tank. Also, they had a massive sea turtle which hid most of the time but when we finally got a glimpse of him, he was pretty cool! They also had piranhas, which my fiance enjoyed - but they were difficult to capture a picture of. I loved seeing the dolphins too (- although the day we went there was no dolphin show)! Lastly, I love the jellyfish! I know, they sting and it hurts but they are just so beautiful! They have an awesome jelly area.

This was at the entry of the aquarium so of course, we were being silly. RAWR.
i love the tropical colors!
here is the large tank that holds the huge sting rays, the sea turtle and some sharks!
jellies. i love them although I would never want to touch them!
so pretty! 
baby jellyfish! jellies!
shark from the large tank
another shark from the shark tank area! 
there were so many but it as difficult to get a picture because the tank was very dark.
so pretty
eel- looking straight at me.. almost a little creepy.
snakes- i don't like them but this one is pretty! 
 and my personal favorite- DOLPHINS.
 they are so flirtatious with zoo visitors - coming up to the window. It was cute.

Disappointments: The biggest disappointment with our visit the the Baltimore aquarium was the lack of a dolphin show. I think we would have given this a 5 out of 5 rating except for the lack of a dolphin show. Luckily, they usually have a dolphin show, so maybe if you go, you can catch it! We got through the whole aquarium in a few hours. 
It was really great though! I loved it and I think you would enjoy it as well!

4 out of 5 elephant review!

That's all for now! Hope you all are having a great summer!
signing off  ♥ jen


  1. very cool!


    Meena ♥

  2. I love your photos. I think jellyfish are so beautiful. They are almost fairy-like.


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