Disney's Animal Kingdom

Sorry Everyone! I've been a bit of a slacker lately on the updates! I have the blog over at itsjustcalledspicy and since my last update have gotten married and pregnant. However, Noland and I have been to quite a few zoos since November. After this update on Disney's Animal Kingdom, we will post on our local zoo next week and we got many more updates coming soon! Unfortunately, this update will not include many pictures.
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Dates of Visit: December 27, 2011 & February 18, 2012
We went to Animal Kingdom with Noland's family right before the wedding and again just the two of us in February. However, when we went back I was pregnant so it was quite a different experience.For seeing animals the first trip was much better. You cannot ride the Kilimanjaro Safari ride while pregnant so we missed the biggest attraction at this park during the visit. We also were unable to do practically anything in Dinoland USA because of the pregnancy. Disney's Animal Kingdom is still a fantastic time whether pregnant or not. In fact it is Noland's favorite of all the Disney Parks.
Highlights: This is one of the best if not the best animal attractions in the country. You could easily spend the whole day there! They have an amazing "African" area and "Asian" area! The animals are all awesome! There are some spots where you can't see certain animals, but there are so many viewing decks, you could probably move somewhere and get a view of them. The Kilimanjaro Safari is easily the best part and it is probably the closest thing to a safari there is outside of Africa. The up close views of animals on the safari are incredible and some cross the path. We have never seen rhinos that close and so many of them. The rhino is my husband's favorite animal so it was awesome for him to see. It was also our nephew Luke's favorite ride as he wanted to ride it a couple of times. I definitely recommend getting there early and getting a fastpass for later. You see more the second time around. The Komodo Dragon exhibit was another highlight for us as we saw one of our favorite animals and we could see it outside of the safari. Also for Florida Residents you can go to Disney 3 days for $99 which made our tickets extremely affordable.

I've added some other people's pictures from online because ours did not come out to good from our phones. We both managed to leave our cameras behind in Tampa.
Giraffes and Zebras courtesy: travellandleasure.com
Rhinos courtesy: DisneyEveryDay (There were a ton of these guys!)
Tree of Life, Kilimanjaro Safari, and Komodo Dragon courtesy: Wikimedia

Disappointments: We did not have many disappointments for this place! We both wish that there were some walk throughs where you could see more African animals outside of the safari. This inability to see many of the animals made us miss our favorite part of the park in February. Another good idea would be to add some more bones/plastic dinosaurs in DinoLand for the little ones, but other than that, WE LOVED THIS PLACE!
We gave it a 5 out of 5!
That's all for now!
Leave a comment or your opinion if you have been to Disney's Animal Kingdom!
♥ jen

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