Zoo Questions #1

Before we get to our next zoo review, we wanted to answer some questions that we have heard about our blog and some questions I think some people might ask. We also invite our followers, whether they have signed up as followers or not, to ask questions of us that they want us to answer. This questions post will try to be replicated once a month, with different questions of course.

What will your next review be on?
Jenna will be posting a review of her visit to a place in Kansas next week. She is trying to find her pictures from her Kansas trip. This trip happened in the summer of 2009 and Jenna is excited to share her experience.

Are you going to review Sea World like you said?
We are trying to wait on doing a Sea World Orlando review until we visit the theme park again. We are going to try to go at some point this summer and if we go, we can post something shortly thereafter. On this blog we strive to get the most up to date reviews possible.

What is the best zoo you have been to?
We have said it numerous times that our top zoo thus far is the Atlanta Zoo. You can read our review here. The baby komodo below is from that zoo. They had a feeding there that was awesome.

What is the worst zoo you have been to?
Well it isn't a zoo technically, but the Mote Marine Laboratory is an aquarium. We were not to fond of this place. Read the review here.

Where can I see a great white shark in captivity?
Unfortunately, you cannot see a great white anywhere in captivity. Occasionally the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California will get them, but it is only for a short time when they do get them. This is one place we really want to go if we ever get out to California. Anyways, the longest a great white has lived in captivity is 6 months.

Are you going to post any reviews outside of Florida?
Florida is a big state and living in Tampa we mostly go to animal attractions in our home state, but we do post reviews from other states. So far we have reviews from zoos in 7 other states and the district. Jenna is about to post a review on a zoo in Kansas and we will have another zoo from the DC metro area when we visit in a few weeks. You can expect a few zoos throughout the Southeast from us in the near future. If we make it out west we will certainly post on those zoos as well. We also occasionally have guest posts which may come from different states.

If you have other questions just ask.


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  1. The white shark seems to be coming out of the Zoo Captivity.


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