Zoo America

Zoo America
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Date of Visit: Several Times (Most Recent 7/2008)
Price: $10.50 (Free With Hershey Park Admission)

This zoo is connected with Hershey Park. Their is a separate entrance if you go there and not to the park, but why would you. If you go to Hershey Park, you get in free. Since this is probably the most underrated amusement park in the country, I would say the zoo is just an added bonus. I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Hershey Park at some point in your life. One day I will take Jenna and lil' Noland to the park to enjoy it. Unfortunately, since the visits to this zoo come pre-Jenna, no pictures. We will have to rely on the zoo website for the pics.

Highlights: It's free! Nice little add on to the park. They have a bald eagle.

Disappointments: It is small, but it is nice as an add on to Hershey Park and you treat it as that.

American Alligator
Gray Wolf
River Otter
Prairie Dog

Rating: We gave this zoo 3 out of 5 elephants. It is a great value when you consider it is attached to an awesome amusement park. I definitely recommend it. They currently have a bald eagle and reindeer that were not there upon my visit. Check it out though because it sounds pretty cool!


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