Royal Gorge - Canon City, CO

It's been a while since I have posted. My wonderful husband has been keeping up the reviews/questions and so much more on this little zoo blog! So thanks Noland.. you are the best!
In other news, today I am reviewing the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado!
The cool thing about the Royal Gorge is that they have animals but the animals are not the main attraction. You'll see as you read on. I visited back in Summer of 2008 when we flew out to visit my grandpa.

Date of Visit: Summer 2008
Rates: $26 Adult, $20 Kids (4-11) [change throughout the season]

Park Map: or you can see it bigger here

Info about the Royal Gorge from the website:
One of the most massive gorges in the world.
The gorge was created some three million years ago when a trickle of water first began to slowly carve a canyon out of the solid granite bedrock. Today that trickle is the raging Arkansas, one of America's longest rivers. And the masterpiece it continues to carve at a rate of one foot every 2,500 years is the Royal Gorge.
The Royal Gorge is considered a world wonder often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River. Yet it's unlike any other canyon. The width at the canyon bottom is no more than 40 to 50 feet, while the top measures only a few hundred feet.

As a part of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, there is a petting zoo, a wildlife park and trails to explore. There is so much to do at this park that you will surely be busy for a half of a day at least.
Here are some pictures: 
Here is the rather large visitor center where you can shop for souvenirs! 
 Royal Gorge History
 Beautiful huh? and huge!
 White Buffalo
 Getting grub.
 And here is the gorge... see the Arkansas River. What a beautiful view, even more so when you are there.
 I'm pretty sure I took this one through the cracks in the wood planks in the bridge.
It was a shaky bridge.. but I saw a car drive over it and it lived so that'll do.
 The prettiest picture I have of the gorge.
This next picture is not from the park...
After visiting the park, we drove a little further west and up a mountain so that we could get a view of the Continental Divide... This is the best picture I have but it was pretty beautiful! Colorado is a great place to visit. I really had a great time out there.

3 out of 5 Elephants!
Only because this is not primarily a zoo. If you are really wanting to see animals, this is not your spot but it is a great tourist destination for Colorado. 
Signing off ♥jen

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