Jacksonville Zoo

Jacksonville Zoo
Jacksonville, FL
Date of Visit: April 15, 2012
Cost: $14.95 person (50% of for FONZ Members)
This zoo was awesome! It was one of the coolest zoos we have been to. Everything about this zoo was great and we didn't even see everything about it because we were on a tight schedule.
Highlights: Jaguar exhibit! The black jaguar was really neat looking and I bet you will agree when you look at our photos. The jaguar wasn't even the coolest part, because we got to see a komodo dragon feeding! Those two things alone made this a 5 star zoo and it had so much more to offer. There was an awesome penguin exhibit, lots of African animals, Australian animals, South American animals and even a wild FL exhibit. That just scratches the surface of what Jacksonville Zoo has to offer. You have got to check this place out. We will definitely be going back.
Disappointments: You had to pay for the sting ray tank. AKA we didn't go. Also the cheetah didn't seem to be in a good place. It was mostly swamp water and the cheetah didn't appear to have a lot of room to roam. The cheetah exhibit appeared like it should have been a crocodile exhibit and the cheetah should be elsewhere. Two of our favorite animals elephants and rhino were there, but we didn't get good pictures. That is our fault though and not the zoos and we loved this place.

Beautiful Jaguars. This is one of the coolest exhibits we have seen.

Komodo Dragon Feeding! Very Cool!
Snapping Turtle
Bald Eagles
Giraffe and Young Giraffe
More Giraffes
We gave this zoo a 5 out of 5 rating
Can not ask for much more out of a zoo.
What a cool place to go. We highly recommend it.
-No & Jenna

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