South Carolina Aquarium

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Location: 100 Aquarium Wharf,
Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Date of our Visit: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cost: For the regular Value Pass including Planet Earth or Dora & Diego:
Adults $24.95
Seniors (62+) $23.95
Child (2-11) $17.95
Toddler (0-1) FREE
For more ticket info, Check out their website here
Side story: My dad lives in South Carolina and we went to visit for my little brother's high school graduation. On the way to their house we passed some buffalo. Noland & I were really excited because you don't see a lot of buffalo in Florida so we pulled over and took some pictures. Here they are:

And there were baby buffalo! How cool is that. They were so cute!
Ok now back to Zoozooreview!

SC Aquarium Overall Review: Ok, so lets get straight to the point. The coolest part about the South Carolina acquarium was the awesome bald eagle that they had. The best thing about the bald eagle was that you were able to get so close to it. Neither of us have seen a bald eagle that close. It was almost as if you could reach out and touch it.. but you might not want to do that, it has some huge and very sharp talons.
 They also had a huge tank with sharks, other types of fish and one large sea turtle (who was difficult to spot). They had an albino alligator, which they claim to be pretty rare. It was really neat but it didn't really move at all. Also, it was difficult to see and capture a picture of because the exhibit was dark and murky. For a few minutes, we thought it was fake and then came back and it had moved a few feet.
 I would definitely say that this acquarium would be cool for little kids but for us, it was a one time thing. We've now seen it and while it was really cool, it was expensive and not all that spectacular for the price. It was a small aquarium and took about an hour to go through the whole thing even though, I was taking pictures and taking my time in each exhibit.

Picture time:

This is the view of the harbor from the aquarium. so beautiful! 
Heron. It was so close. 
This is the head of an Eel. The rest of it was inside that rock-like cave.

The Bald Eage.

School of Fish. I just thought this was a neat picture 
Jelly Fish! 
Interesting Story: They had multiple sharks in the large aquarium but it was so hard to take pictues because the glass was at a slant. This shark has the shark-version of scoliosis. At first, we thought it was a tumor but then we went to the scuba show and were fully informed.

We give this one 2 out of 5 rating because:
It was pretty pricey for an aquarium that you can walk through in an hour. We finished so quickly that we just sat at one tank for 30 to 45 minutes to kill time before the scuba show started. It does have some neat animals and is not completely worthless. This is the rating that means, "I'm glad we went, but we probably won't go back.."

Signing off ♥ jen & no

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