Friends of the National Zoo Membership

Noland and I just signed up for the "FONS (Friends of the National Zoo)" membership! If you are interested in signing up here is some MORE FONZ info!

The cool thing about FONZ is that you get discounts into zoos all over the country! And some of them, you even get in for free! Here is a list of the reciprocation zoos: Reciprocating Zoos and Aquariums - National Zoo| FONZ

We just went to the Atlanta zoo, which we will be posting information on in the coming weeks and got an awesome discount by using our FONZ membership! A final great thing about being a member of FONZ is that you recieve zoo news like, for example, a new baby Asian elephant was born at the St. Louis zoo!

Anyways, if you have any questions, post them below and we can definitely look it up for you.

Since I am out of town right now and on a family computer, I am unable to do a real zoozooreview post but I googled some funny animal pictures! Have a Happy Monday and enjoy!

I think someone photoshopped...? but the Lion King is great! Truly, a Disney Classic & everyone's fave!
Signing off -jenn

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