Wakulla Springs State Park

Wakulla Springs State Park
Wakulla, Florida
Above is the entrance to the beautiful Wakulla Springs State Park.

Date of our visit: Thursday, June 9, 2011

Highlights: This year, my fiance surprised me with a trip to Wakulla on my birthday! There is so much to do at Wakulla, from hiking, boat tour to swimming in the spring. It only cost 6 dollars per car to get into the park. Then we went on the river boat tour which was my favorite. I just love boat rides and hope to own a boat one day. The river boat was neat because trees and wildlife are just beautiful to look at. We sat in the back of the boat which I would reccommend sitting closer to the front. The motor was loud so it was difficult to hear and you don't get as close to the animals. I would also reccommend sitting on the RIGHT side if you are facing the front of the boat..
Anyways, on the boat ride, we saw this alligator come into another alligator's "territory" and they chased each other, it was crazy. These alligators were swimming ultra fast too. Unfortunately, I am no photographer and I need a new camera but I got one picture of the big angry fella.
Onto Hiking. After the riverboat ride which lasted about 30 minutes, Noland has packed a lunch and made sure to have a cute little birthday picnic and headed to the hiking trail.  We went hiking on the hiking trail. Its pretty long and I'm not much of a hiking woman so we didn't go that far down but it was neat and relaxing to go for a walk.
Wakulla also has some sweet platforms to jump off of into the spring, grills if your into grillin, and an area that is perfect to set up a volleyball net and play some sports if you are out with friends.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a photographer and I need a new camera. I am posting some pictures that are not ultimately clear but sometimes you just have to go with what you got. So check them out!

some seaweed type stuff in the water while we were docked.
the trees are so beautiful. This river is only available to the Wakulla Springs State Park river boats but I bet it would be amazing to go canoeing on. :)
Some type of local bird. Picture is a little unclear. appologies.
The riverboats are stocked with life jackets.. just incase.

a gator on the bank

This bird was flying in and still had its wings fully extended when I snapped the picture.
3 turtles sittin on a log.
There is a nest at the top of that tree. Do you spot it?
The river is so serene.

This was the gator that got angry when another gator came into his territory. We watched a high speed gator chase. It was probably the coolest part of the tour. I never knew they could swim so fast. You would be amazed.
Another gator getting his tan on and this was rather close to the swimming area.
neat looking bird that was chillaxin rather close.

Disappointments: I've been to Wakulla several times so I didn't really have many disappointments. I guess I could say, it would have been cool if the riverboat tour was longer. And also, I would have loved to see the manatees that are on the river. I've seen them before. Maybe if you visit, you will get lucky and catch a glimpse of them. Supposedly, the best time to catch the manatees is in the month of January. All in all, this was quite an enjoyable and relaxing day.
Also, on the hiking front, that was kinda boring but some folks enjoy hiking and they have a nice long trail for you. So enjoy!

I will give this place 2 out of 5 elephants
- because this is barely able to be considered a "zoo". Its more of a great place to go if you are in the area, want to go swimming and unable to find a beach.

Signing off ♥jen

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