Lowry Park Zoo (Update)

Lowry Park Zoo
Tampa, Florida
Date of Visit: Several Times Late 2012-Late 2014
Admission: Annual Pass Link
Single Day Tickets

Lowry Park Zoo is our home zoo now, and we visited it a few times a year. We absolutely love it! This new is a great zoo for children. In fact, this zoo is rated #1 in the United States by Parents Magazine and there is reason for the hype. It is the best zoo for kids we agree 100%, had to bump the rating up after we saw it with our son.

Highlights: This zoo is so close to where we live now. It took us less than 10 minutes to get there. There is a very wide range of animals at this zoo from all over the world. They have penguins, komodo dragons, and rhinos which are some of our favorite zoo animals. They also have plenty of elephants, including babies! (Jenna's favorite). They have a walk through with wallabies and so much more!.

Disappointments: Safari ride smelt really bad and gassy. Not sure that is worth waiting for, but no other disappointments.

Baby Elephant! This is definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
 We love rhinos!
 Me and Jr. in front of the rhinos. This is from last summer, 2013.
 Up close rhino, this is their best exhibit!
 Little hands looking at the rhino cutout.
Outside the aviary in Africa. It was his favorite when he was this small!
Giraffe from the giraffe feeding station.
Wallaby from Wallaby Walkabout
Indian Rhino

African Elephant full grown

The Orangutan exhibit, which is our second favorite at this zoo.

Pygmy Hippo! There was a baby one of these recently too!

This is a great exhibit for African Penguins
The Bald Eagle!
There is a zebra among those giraffes! You can see an elephant in this photo too!
Our last photo for this entry is of this big ol' pig.

We gave this zoo a 5 out of 5 elephants.
Originally, in our first review, we gave this zoo a 4.5. I don't know why we gave that rating because this zoo is awesome! We are planning on getting annual passes to this zoo next year for the family. It is such a neat little zoo to come to. It is pretty perfect and is the best zoo in the country for children. I said it wasn't as good as the Maryland Zoo, but upon further review it's better. We personally like Animal Kingdom and the Atlanta Zoo better, but this zoo would rank solidly at 3 at this point. It is much cheaper than Disney too. This is a zoo that you should definitely visit.


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