Tarpon Springs Aquarium

Tarpon Springs Aquarium
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Date of Visit: Summer 2014
Cost of Admission: Adults $7.75
Seniors $7
Children (3-11) $5.75
Under 3 Free
Hours: Monday- Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm 
The Tarpon Springs Aquarium was very interesting. It was a bit on the small side, okay it was very on the small side, but it was interesting and fun. The entrance was fun and Jr. loved the shark teeth. He loved running around and the lack of crowds too. His favorite part though was that parking was free. Okay, maybe that was my favorite part and not his, but it is always a plus.

Highlights: No crowds and free parking are huge highlights. We got to save money and got to enjoy the fish without feeling crowded. Good viewing spots for small kids is also a plus. Sometimes the exhibits do not have good places for him to see, but not at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium. Interactive feeding shows are a plus as well. While we didn't stay for any other shows, we saw an Octopus feeding and that was awesome.

Here are some of the pictures we got.
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Albino Python
Full Size Python
Jr. following a fish in the big tank
Nurse Shark Feeding Tank
Great Grandma and Grandpa holding him up to see the stingray tank
Petting the stingrays
More stingrays
They even had a "Nemo"
Finally a nurse shark in the big tank

We gave this aquarium a solid 2 elephants out of 5. The lack of crowds and free parking made it a worthwhile trip.  However, it was very small. This is one of the worst zoos or aquariums we have rated to this point. I would only say that because it was so small. It rates slightly above the Sarasota aquarium because it was pretty good for its size. Do not plan a special trip for this aquarium though unless you are in the area. It is not that great. It is pretty neat though if you are in the area and looking for something to do. We had fun, but again, don't make a special trip.


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