Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Clearwater, FL
Date of Visit: Summer 2012
Admission: $21.95
Hours: 9AM-6PM

Quick Intro
As you have probably figured out by their website name the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is where the Dolphin Tale movies were filmed. Judging by that fact it seemed like it would be a cool little place to check out. It was reasonably priced and local to where we were at the time. They rescue, research, rehabilitate, and release animals so the mission is awesome. It is a tad smaller though than most places we have visited.

The rescue part of it, winter's story, the sea turtles, and the pelicans were all neat.

Wish it was much bigger and had a wider variety of animals to look at.

Pictures from the website
Turtle Bayou
Shipwreck Alley
Otter Oasis
Shark Pass
Rufus Beach
Winter Zone

I gave this zoo 1.5 out of 5 elephants.
This zoo gets ranked higher than the Seas at Epcot because it is a rehab zoo that does a tremendous job. If you have seen the Dolphin Tale movie and liked it, I am sure that adds something to it as well. It also isn't too expensive. Most importantly though as far as viewing animals it is not an impressive place to be so it can't be ranked too high. Just from an amount of animals to look at, it matches up about even with Tarpon Springs, but Tarpon Springs is 1/3 the price. Therefore, this had to be somewhere in between 0 and 2. Putting it on the higher end of that because of the entertainment value of Winter and the mission of the aquarium.


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