Sea World Orlando

Date of Visit: April 2013
Cost: $95 Adult (FL Teachers get free tickets)
To get your complimentary free ticket, remember your teacher ID, your teaching certificate, and a paystub from the past 30 days.
Child (Ages 3-9) $90
Hours: 9:30 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

This was Noland's 1st trip to an amusement park. He loved looking at the animals in the up close exhibits.

Highlights: The #1 highlight for us had to be our little guy's face when we were in the Shark Encounter or in the Dolphin underwater viewing area. He loved being that close to the animals and they were really neat looking. The Sea Lion show is always a favorite of ours as well. The Manta ride (which we didn't go on this time because he couldn't ride) is a fantastic roller coaster and one of our favorites. They set up the queue area brilliantly too so that you can look at the aquariums as you are waiting in line. Finally, the fact that teachers get in free is a huge plus.

Disappointments: They don't let you take your stroller anywhere which is frustrating when you have a baby. The crowds were also pretty big too and there were long lines to get into some of the exhibits. One of the things we looked forward to so much was the Turtle Trek exhibit because the commercials made it seem so cool. It was a nice sea turtle exhibit, but it fell well below my expectations. We also waited more than an hour to get into this exhibit.
It is basically a nice aquarium plus Shamu for more than double the price. The price has to be the #1 disappointment for the value, but it works for teachers.

Here are some more photographs from the trip.
Dolphin Underwater Viewing
More Dolphins
The Dolphins were our son's favorite part.
A Sea Turtle in the Turtle Trek exhibit.
More turtles.
Even more turtles
Our last turtle picture.
Random Fishes
More Random Fishes
Some neat looking fishes with tiger stripes.
More fishes with stripes.
Some random fishes including a Blue Tang which is one of our favorites.
Two Moray Eels swimming.
Crazy looking Moray Eel.
Shamu and another Killer Whale.
Walrus from the Sea Lion show.

We gave this place a 3 out of 5 elephants!!
It was a very good aquarium. However, it is nowhere near the Baltimore Aquarium. I previously said that it was much better than the Florida Aquarium, but I think I was wrong there. While Sea World has cooler marine life than most, I actually prefer the Florida Aquarium now. This place is definitely above average though if you don't consider price. It is also important to remember that teachers get in free. If you like aquariums and are in the Orlando area, then check it out. However, it is not as cool as some of the other animal attractions in the Central Florida area. I will say that seeing Shamu for the first time is an experience you will never forget. It is not as cool anymore though I do not think. If you can only go to one zoo in the Orlando Area I would suggest Animal Kingdom. Or making the hour drive over to Lowry Park Zoo or Busch Gardens.
Let us know what you think of this post or the SeaWorld Orlando!


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