Leesburg Animal Farm

Leesburg Animal Farm
Leesburg, VA
Dates of Visit: July 2009
Back in July 2009 and several times before that I visited the Leesburg Animal Farm with my family back home in Virginia. This zoo is the actually probably below average and does not have a lot of animals, but it is a solid place to go if you live in Loudoun County Virginia and are bored. They do have zebras if nothing else. It is a neat little place to go with little ones too as we went with my nephews on this date.

Highlights:  The nephews got to have fun and it was incredibly close to my parents house.
Here are some pics...
Nephew feeding a llama
Trying to feed something else
Now feeding a goat
Little Brother In the Petting Zoo
Riding a Horse

I give this one 2 out of 5 rating because:
It was pretty pricey for a glorified petting zoo that you can walk through in an hour. We finished so quickly that my nephews were not even tired. It does have some neat animals and is not completely worthless. The zoo was not spectacular, but does get some points for being so close. Pretty much the best you can do for animals without driving outside of Loudoun County though.

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