Wild Adventures

Last weekend, we went to Valdosta Georgia to experience

Wild Adventures
Valdosta, Georgia
Date of Visit: May 29-30, 2011 (Memorial Day weekend)

Logistics: We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Valdosta, GA. It was about 10 minutes from the park and they had a deal for $189 for the night with 2-day passes for up to 4 people. So we drove there on Sunday and stayed the night, left after experiencing day 2 of the park on Monday.

New to the Park: Wild Adventures just added a 4 million dollar addition to their park adding a water park called Splash Island. This was the most crowded part of the park while all the regular rides were pretty bare/short lines.

Animals & Animal Shows: This was, of course, my fiance and I's favorite part of the whole park. We loved the animals and shows about animals. The two BEST parts of the park were the "Tigers of Asia" show and the Safari ride. The other show was somewhat cool too, its called the "Creature Feature". These are all a pretty much *MUST SEE* if you are visiting Wild Adventures. I would just say, "move over Splash Island".
Here are a few pictures of what we saw:

This was one of the black bears. The exhibit was very difficult to get pictures.

This was a neat area where tigers could crawl into this space so people could get a close up look of them. They were huge!

This was on the safari. It was similar to animal kingdom in some ways because the animals were not caged in SOME parts.


This is the newborn baby giraffe.


This was not part of an exhibit. The peacock was not in a cage. We just found this and I thought it was neat.

This was from the Creature Feature show. The parrot could have conversations.
Baby gator at the Creature Feature show. They let you take pictures with some of the animals after. Very cool.

Tigers of Asia show! I can't believe that guy got in the cage with all of them!

Day 2- Same Safari ride

Another elephant picture!

If you want to schedule a trip to Wild Adventures, its a good idea to check out their website.
The section titled "Park Info" has an option for "Lodging." If you call these hotels, some of them have deals with discounted tickets and room stay.

Thanks for reading.

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